Donegal Dreams

Donegal Dreams

I let the glamour and the money

lure me from my home

ah but that was a long time ago

and now I would do everything,

to be back again

and living at home in Donegal



To be running with the wind

down to the sea

to be lying where the mountains touch the sky

to drink the fresh cool air

and to hear again the music

there’s a longing in my heart for Donegal


And every year I promise

That this would be my last

Oh I dream of escaping every night

But I’m not getting younger

and the years don’t fade my dream

Of living at home in Donegal


And when I look around here

I see a thousand lonely faces

And I know how lucky I am

For I have tasted heaven

and I have a dream

and I have a place where I am home


Chorus in Irish

Le bheith ag reáchtáil leis an ghaoth

Síos chuig an fharraige

I mo luí, Ar bharr na sléibhte faoin spéir

An t-aer úr glan a ól

Agus fuaim binn an cheoil

Tá cumha ar mo chroí Do Dhún na nGall